Indonesia Patisserie School

Indonesia Patisserie School is the first and the only pastry school in Indonesia that offers a variety patisserie courses. Excellent facilities and equipment enables the founder: Master Aing or Djap Siau Kian, to uphold an outstanding educational facility for all things sweet and baked.


Indonesia Patisserie School offers great attention to the art and science of pastry and cooking. The classes focus on artistry, visual presentation, theory, method, and techniques; giving you the knowledge required for a successful pastry and F&B business as well as career.


Indonesia Patisserie School instructs over 400 students and pastry professionals in hands-on classes each year and offers 4 main programs. Entrepreneur Class which is a 6 months to 1 year certificate course; Basic Class which is a 3 months certificate program; Intermediate Class which is a 6 months advanced pastry class certificate program; Superior Class which is a 3 months certificate program; and Cooking Class which is a 6 months certificate program. Indonesia Patisserie School offers you the valuable opportunity to learn various pastries in intimate setting, being personally mentored by Master Aing as well as experts in the field.