Master Aing


Indonesia Patisserie School is the first and the only pastry school in Indonesia that offers variety patisserie courses. Excellent facilities and equipment enable the Founder: Master Aing or Djap Siau Kian to uphold an outstanding educational facility for all things sweet and baked.

Master Aing

Djap Siau Kian, also known as Aing as her nickname. She is the founder of Indonesia Patisserie School and also as a Head Chef in Indonesia Patisserie School. Aing as one of the talented and well knowledge in pastry and bakery business, she began her career in bakery and pastry business since 1994. She gained her knowledge and skills from studying in Europe, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and Australia. Aing as a very successful entrepreneur in the field of bakery and pastry, she has expands the pastry business in Australia and Thailand. Aing made her dreams came true by the establishment of Indonesia Patisserie School which has an international standardization and her mission is to indicate her spectacular innovations into the pastry world.

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